Magical Mary's Programs & Prices

Stand-up Magic: The Perfect Show for Birthday Parties.

Magic, Juggling & Comedy:
It’s visual and colorful and fun for all ages.
Plays great for any indoor party.

People come to a party to enjoy each other’s company. The 30 minute format will entertain your guests while still allowing time for socializing, cake and presents.

Magical Mary brings her own table, backdrop curtains
& music to indoor shows (+ microphone when needed).

$100. 30 minutes

Close-up Magic: Dazzle the imagination of your guests!

A highly skilled art, few Magicians become adept in its performance. Few people have seen true Close-up Magic in person.

The magic is more interactive and done up-close with everyday objects. Sometimes the magic happens in the audiences hands!

Close-up Magic is perfect for Teens & Tweens!

$100. per 30 minutes (Additional Close-up Magic
can be pro-rated to suit your needs.)

Strolling Magic: Strolling Magic is a terrific Ice Breaker. The Experience of Wonder is a great conversation starter!

Magical Mary strolls though the party, pausing to perform magic up-close, then moving on to another group. It allows your party to continue as it would normally, while spreading Magic throughout.

Strolling Magic is also great for outdoor events because it’s versatile and flexible. Magical Mary has entertainment suited to different age groups, as well as mixed ages... a delightful way to draw the generations together.

$100. per 30 minutes (Additional Strolling Magic can be pro-rated to suit your needs.)